With claamo! there is no need to install any mobile application. Your web browser is enough. And, it works in any browser, with any operational system. Plus, no registration or providing your personal data is required.

We will assign a unique code (URL) to every conference, session, poll, or a survey, which will make it easy to find by the attendees.

Other benefits

  • Supports export to PDF and XLS formats.
  • The system automatically generates a QR code with an access code to the conference, session, poll, or a survey.
  • Live view – special viewing mode enabling to view the conference or a poll as a presentation. Current results are updated automatically and thus enable you to watch the attendees‘ voting in progress live.
  • Supports interconnection with SharePoint, where you may share your conference, session etc.
  • Supports integration to a web page - iFrame.
  • Addtional password may be used for securing all point of access.


You may create one big conference, which may contain an unlimited number of sessions. Administration of conference rooms and auditoriums is enabled. The system will automatically compile the conference agenda – an overview of sessions ordered by the date, time and the session room, where it is held.

Plus, you can add documentation to the conference – its agenda, orientation plan, important information for the participants, as well as a simple survey form, which will provide you with feedback.

Naturally, statistics are available as well

  • Session statistics – number of sessions, number of questions, number of votes (likes), number of attendees, average number of questions per session, average number of votes (likes) per question, average number of attendees per session, average speaker rating
  • Poll statistics – number of polls, number of polls’ participants, average number of participants per poll.
  • Survey statistics - number of surveys, number of survey participants, average number of participants per survey.


Our sessions are not boring. Feel free to engage your audience in the session, who then enter their questions directly, are able to see the questions asked by other attendees and to like them. Or, they can attach a photo to the question.

But, all this is really controlled by you – you can restrict the number of questions and likes one attendee can place, label a question as „inapropriate“, or link an unlimited number of polls and surveys to the session.

The statistics are available here as well

  • Number of questions
  • Number of votes (likes)
  • Number of attendees
  • Average number of votes (likes) per question
  • Average speaker rating


Sometimes few questions are just enough. Prepare a poll question and possible answers to it quickly.

Use the poll during the session and engage your audience even more.

  • The attendees may also add their own answers. Polls are not limited to checking a), b), c)...
  • They can also check multiple answers to the given question, if they find them correct.
  • Instant poll assessment – as a author, you see the the progress of the poll results.


Prepare a survey, make it public and gather opinions. You will find out immediately, where you stand. No complicated preparation of printed survey forms, no expensive distribution.

The attendee can fill in and send the survey later, from his or her home.

What can you indulge yourself with in the survey?

  • Unlimited number of questions.
  • The attendee can add his/her own answers. Not only choose from the listed ones.
  • He/she is free to check multiple answers to one question.
  • Or, can add a free comment, including a photo.
  • And you are able to do your assessment immediately – you can see the survey in progress any time.